Wednesday, March 22, 2023


Archer conducts first test flight of Maker

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Air tests of the eVTOL device took place at an airfield in Northern California.

“Today, Archer wrote a new chapter in the evolution of air travel. What started as a vision is gradually becoming a reality, — its founders Adam Goldstein and Brett Adcock do not hide their pride in their project.

  The first hover flight at an airfield in Northern California was preceded by thousands of hours of development and testing of eVTOL technology. This includes regular testing of propellers for durability, grounding the high voltage system, which is an integral part of #airtaxi backup safety systems, and regression testing of the flight code.

“This moment in time — just over a century after the Wright brothers made their mark — was the culmination of our team’s unwavering dedication,” the startup founders added.


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