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As part of the Sphere project, 162 satellites will be launched to provide Internet access

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The Sphere program was approved in April this year and is designed not only to provide the country with the Internet and communications, but also to provide the opportunity to observe the Earth in real time. Includes the launch of over 600 satellites.

By 2025, the implementation of the program will provide remote regions of Russia with satellite communications.

RIA quotes the words of the Roscosmos press service: “In April 2022, the Government of the Russian Federation approved the Sphere project, which in its current parameters includes 162 spacecraft […] At the moment, only 30 percent of the territory of Russia is covered by cellular communications and only new satellite communication systems will ensure the connectivity of the territory of the Russian Federation”.

The first Skif-D satellite, which will provide broadband Internet access and demonstrate the capabilities of the system, will be launched in October this year.

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