Saturday, April 13, 2024


At CES 2022, Cadillac unveiled the self-driving InnerSpace concept car

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InnerSpace is part of the Halo Concept Portfolio project, which has already showcased the PersonalSpace single-seat electric jet and SocialSpace minibus.

InnerSpace is a futuristic, sporty 2-seat unmanned electric vehicle built on the GM Ultium platform. Only passengers can be in its spacious and comfortable cabin.
A large curved screen instead of the usual dashboard demonstrates all the capabilities of the infotainment system running the GM Ultifi operating system.
A huge sofa, if necessary, transforms into 2 armchairs.
In addition, the concept car got Goodyear tires, made using SoundComfort technology, providing a quiet ride, equipped with special sensors that provide all the necessary technical information.

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