Wednesday, April 24, 2024


Eve showed the cockpit of her eVTOL machine at Farnborough

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The launch of the airtaxi subsidiary Embraer is expected in 2026.

? The first 1:1 scale electric VTOL (VTOL) cockpit model is presented along with the company’s sustainability vision.

“This layout brilliantly brings to life the cockpit concept that we have been co-creating with potential users over the years. We recently received feedback from our advisory board and we can now show it to other stakeholders here. Our solutions have been designed with key market needs in mind, such as accessibility, safety, environmental friendliness and ticket prices,” said Flavia Ciacca, Eve Vice President of User Experience.

✔️ Along with the layout, visitors will also be able to explore the external features of #eVTOL through augmented reality technology.

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