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Ryse Recon personal eVTOL completes first piloted flight

Время на чтение 1 мин.

Test tests of a single-seat ultra-light personal eVTOL-device took place in the state of Ohio.

All summer, the American startup tested flight control systems, and the device performed various maneuvers, including takeoff, controlled hover, forward flight, turn and landing.

“The test flights are a huge step forward in our mission to bring affordable aircraft to people with a purpose and to make flying accessible to everyone,” said Ryse Aero Tech CEO Mick Kovitz. “We have proven that this apparatus is reliable, stable and pleasant, but most importantly, safe.

Ryse Aero is designed for those who work in the agricultural sector or live in rural areas. With six independent propulsion systems and an independent removable battery, the vehicle can reach a maximum speed of 100 km/h with a range of up to 40 km at an altitude of 120 meters and carry a weight of up to 90 kg. The company expects the first deliveries of its aircraft in 2023.

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