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Joby launch eVTOL home-to-airport pilot

Время на чтение 1 мин.

The partner of the startup is Delta Airlines, which is ready to invest $60 million in the idea with a subsequent increase in investments to $200 million.

Flight tests will take place in New York and Los Angeles. The service will rely on a network of local vertiports to quickly and sustainably transport customers to the airport. The move will not only allow the US airline to offer premium service to its customers, but will also help Joby make a smoother path to commercialization.

As part of the deal, the startup will operate the eVTOL service and Delta will provide the airport infrastructure.

Joby launch eVTOL home-to-airport pilot

According to Joby CEO Joe Ben Bewirth, the journey from Manhattan to JFK airport takes 50 to 60 minutes by car or subway, and for air transport it is possible to overcome such a route in 10 minutes. Plus, the passengers of the five-seater eVTOL-device will get a gorgeous view during the flight.

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