Tuesday, April 16, 2024


Our team

Konstantin Bushuev

Project Founder

Entrepreneur, investor, strategist, dreamer and visionary. Founded and inspired the Mir 2051 media resource, created the Visioner 2051 youtube channel, develops the Airmobile of the Future project

Nikita Berezhkov

Project Manager

The soul of the project, develops, inspires, directs, keeps abreast of new technologies, helps to bring ideas to life.

Lubov Bogush

Chief Editor

I am sure that really breakthrough technologies are created by dreamers and dreamers. He does everything to ensure that as many people as possible learn about these creators of the future and their developments.

Vladimir Dubinsky

editor of sections "Aero" and "Auto"

Writes for World 2051 about everything in and around eVTOL, believes in the power of the rotor and canted wing. Bezos and Musk dispute specialist, defender of Belarusian robots and German feminists building an unusually shaped rocket.o

Dmitry Medvedev

Editor of "Space", "Technology", "Energy" sections

As a child, I read the book “Space ABCs” to holes, reviewed TNG four times and am sure that a wonderful technological future awaits humanity.

Nina Lipskaya

Video section editor

Helps us to see today what the world will look like in 2051, so that viewers can follow the evolution and development of technology with their own eyes.