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Test flight of the Volar prototype from British startup Bellwether Industries

Время на чтение 2 мин.

The Volar air taxi prototype was built on a scale of 1 to 2 and has 2 passenger seats. He was tested in Dubai.

Remotely piloted, the aircar rose to a height of 4 meters and flew at a speed of approximately 40 kilometers per hour.

This is a significant milestone for the British startup, as up to this point all testing has been done indoors.

Bellwether Industries promises that #Volar will be on the market by 2028. What will he be like?

  The flying car will fly at an altitude of about 900 meters.

  Its speed is 220 kilometers per hour.

  One battery charge will provide flights for one and a half hours.

  The dimensions of an air taxi will be noticeably larger than the dimensions of a conventional car. For example, its width is 3.2 m.

  Number of seats – 4.

  The maximum load capacity is 600 kg.

Volar is under development. And the company attracts investments for the further development of the project and the construction of a full-scale model of an air vehicle.

In parallel, the startup is preparing an application for a certificate at the European Union Aviation Safety Agency and the Civil Aviation Authority. And also, along with the design of air taxis, he is studying other business models, including the organization of an air traffic control system and the creation of urban air mobility infrastructure.

Take a look at another presentation of the Volar project from Bellwether Industries. Something tells us that the company will succeed …


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