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Chinese developer EHang increased revenues in the current quarter

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The company received the largest pre-order in Asia for 100 aircraft from Prestige Aviation in Indonesia, and also formed a partnership with CharoenPokphandGroup in Thailand.

In its second quarter earnings report, EHang reported 14.6 million yuan ($2.2 million) in total revenue, up 152.5% from the 5.8 million yuan ($0.9 million) in the first quarter. quarter of 2022. In addition, EHang has reached a consensus with the Civil Aviation Administration of China CAAC on the air taxi certification framework EH216.

“Once certified airworthy, the EH216 will provide our travel customers and end users with a unique, safe, technologically advanced and economical low-altitude flight experience,” said Xin Fang, COO of EHang.

▪️ So far, the Chinese have developed 13 ways to meet eVTOL-related requirements and continue to test.

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